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Before I tell you about me, let me tell you something I think I know about you.

You are ready for this search to be over.

You are hoping counseling can help with whatever you are going through, but aren't quite sure.  You are used to taking care of other people and you wonder if anyone out there can help take care of you.

And you are hoping that, whatever the solution is, it doesn't hurt, doesn't embarrass you, and isn't too uncomfortable.  

I know because I've been right where you are, trying to navigate life after landing off the map.

I needed answers Google couldn't provide, courage that didn't evaporate, and hope that felt like solid ground.

Once, in a season just like yours, I found someone who could help me.  Although I was intimidated too, I found a guide who led me as I found my way again.

And I promised that I would do that for other people one day.  

That's how we ended up here.

After a decade of leading a church in Oxford, I made a switch to counseling so that I could walk with those who feel like they are walking alone.

My practice integrates the skills I learned in pastoral ministry with research-based therapeutic techniques from my pursuit of a Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health.  I work with individuals and couples to help them overcome obstacles, repair their relationships, and shape their story as they move on to the next chapter.

I would love the opportunity to do the same for you.

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